Our Adoption Story

We wanted to add to our family and had a heart for orphaned children without a family.  After much discussion and prayer we decided to pursue an international adoption.  We originally wanted to adopt from Romania.  After spending three months of filling out forms and numerous phone calls Romania’s new government closed its border to international adoptions.

We shelved the adoption idea for several years.  Our hearts began to soften toward the idea of adopting again.  We started the process all over again with an adoption agency and the doors started opening.  Many countries had upper age limits on parents looking to adopt and being older this narrowed our available choices.

We picked Guatamela and started working through the moutain of paperwork and documents.  Sue and I agreed that we preferred to adopt a boy, but found out that adopting boys from Guatemala was extremely rare.  As we approached the end of our paperwork we were made aware of a 2 year old boy living in a christian orphanage that had just become available for adoption.  Another door was opened.  We exchanged and pictures and received this boy’s profile and knew he would fit into our family.

What a blessing and privilege it is to be able to receive a small boy, who was destined to live on the streets, and provide and have a family.